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Miss @BeanieBloom is San Diego's first female owner of a full-feature motion picture and gaming studio. She woke up one morning and decided to walk into a male-dominated industry  and change the rules to make it a safe and better work space for women and under aged actors/actresses . She has now opened up her own studio with the dream team of creative writing/animation content creators. Her team  has taken script writing and animation to whole other level of quality  and story telling. With over 10 film/tv/realty show projects ready to go  in the works with release dates already set for 2023.

Kellie Christensen is an American actress, award-winning director, producer, and screenwriter who has earned accolades for her independent short films. Never one for convention, Kellie's projects range from dark to humorous, often weaving in cross-genre comedy. An advocate for diversity and representation, she creates narratives that challenge societal norms and captivate audiences. Kellie's most notable roles are in, Caged Men Seeking Freedom, a short film also starring Eric Roberts, and Kin Dread, a film written and directed by Emmy Award winning director Adrian Leon. She is also a head Executive Producer at Divine Studios, a female owned and operated production company.

Josue Ozi DeLucas is a creative writer who decided to get into the film industry as a film maker to be able to have his stories come to life with the help of his brother Bradd. He now has 3 films in production with a reality show in the works. His team of new writers have given him the ability to complete multiple scripts in weeks instead of months. With a knack for the tech of the film world as well his creative writing makes him a rare breed of film maker.  

 Bradd McBrearty left Disney's Pixar animation team after almost a decade. Then he went to Apple to assist them in one of their new games. After being offered  a full-time leadership position to manage a new animation department at another film studio, he realized  was tired of making all the major studios all the money so she made them execs with profit-sharing on all the films they works on. He knew that they had at least the next 10 years in major film projects thanks to his brother, so  they decided to become a team.

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